Robert E. Johnson Ministry of Helps

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Have you ever wondered how spiritual leaders, preachers, actors, entertainers, professional athletes, business leaders, and television workers get from airports, hotels, and meetings? You see them on center stage, but how did they arrive to the arena or church? Robert has made an everlasting impact in serving so many as an executive driver. The person you will never hear their name called, yet the driver is the first one to receive the artist from the airport and stays with them until the assignment is over.

The gift of driving in the kingdom of God was revealed to Robert as he served in the ministry of helps. His executive driving career began when his pastor saw faithfulness, loyalty, and commitment to his ministry and allowed Robert to transport and serve his guests. For as many years the author has served as a driver, he has also served as a personal protection officer (bodyguard). God is now releasing this servant from behind the scenes to write, and most of all, to activate the church of God into a serving church.

Check out a little history of Robert serving behind-the-scenes: