Robert E. Johnson Ministry of Helps

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Robert Johnson Ministry of Helps has been around for over 20 years. Our services have blessed churches and individuals by activating members of the local church into the discovery of that one spiritual gift that leads them into their divine purpose. The Greater Imani Christian Center in Memphis, TN allowed him to teach his very first Ministry of Helps course.

We’ve discovered through life’s experiences and a biblical foundation that serving is a gift and a mission that concerns our Heavenly Father and He purposefully created it just for you. The ministry of helps (1 Corinthians 12:28) is the only gift assigned to the church that will nourish the participants into unity, with everyone serving on one accord in their correct spiritual gift(s). Serving faithfully in the ministry of helps is where promotions and rewards are, and integrity is built. Your promotion and purpose is in your service. If you are called to the parking ministry, serve to the best of your ability, because you will be rewarded.

The first step is to enroll in the ministry of helps in your local church. Let your pastor know you want to serve with understanding in your church. That’s where we come in! Many churches are without this important ministry because they simply do not understand it; the ministry gift of helps is nothing new. God set it in the church for a reason, and now is the time it is revealed to the church through demonstration.

We challenge you to find your place of service in the church and develop your spiritual gift. “I wouldn’t want to be a pastor of a church if God is calling and using me to be a prophetic business person.” You will surely cripple and prolong your correct assignment by operating in a false gift. As you follow these instructions, watch how a Living Father directs you into your destination.