Robert E. Johnson Ministry of Helps



The Ministry of Helps will change your life once you really understand what God Says about service render unto Him.

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Ministry of Helps

The time has come for your talents, skills, achievements, and abilities to be used for God and in His kingdom.

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Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are abilities God has bestowed on every believer for the building and upkeep of His Kingdom.

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Learning to serve correctly starts your journey of purpose and fulfillment in every area of your life.

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ROBERT JOHNSON is an end-time servant with a wealth of experience and information from serving behind-the-scenes. Robert was born in Charleston, Mississippi and grew up in a small town in the Mississippi Delta called Tutwiler. After graduating from college, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee and became a member of World Overcomers Outreach Ministry. While growing in ministry and serving faithfully behind the scenes, he accepted a ministry position and moved to San Antonio, Texas where he worked at the Cornerstone Church under the leadership of Pastor John Hagee. Robert currently resides in Arlington, Texas and is a faithful staff member and servant at the Potter’s House of Dallas, Texas.


Robert E. Johnson is the leader and lecturer of “Robert Johnson & the Ministry of Helps.” In addition, he is the CEO of Johnson Book Publishing, formerly Global Book Publisher; and other business adventures. He is an esteemed author who has penned several books. One of his books titled “Saved to Serve in the Ministry of Helps” is his core message and the fuel that energizes the passion of his works. He has nearly two decades of hands on experience of serving faithfully, researching, and studying the ministry of “helps.” Serving has earned him rewards, promotions, and entrepreneur experience. Robert has the qualifications and has been anointed by God to change lives through teaching and writing. Robert Johnson’s motto is:

You don’t have to change your life to serve, but serving will change your life!

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THE BOOK (hardcover)

Robert E. Johnson has a compelling message of how he entered into the ministry of helps at an early age and now this spiritual function is the heartbeat of his life. The author tells how he escaped a tragic accident that included 2800 pounds of steel resting on him for nearly two hours as he cried for “HELP.” This book displays the writer’s perseverance of entering into helps and being called to serve on the parking ministry. He remained faithful until God released him to become a leader in His kingdom.

With over 20 years of serving behind the scenes, Robert is fully aware of the necessity and the severity of the Ministry of Helps being active in every church, because this is how the church grows and produces kingdom leaders. Believers have their praise and worship together, but it is our lack of service that hinders us from all God is trying to get through and to us. Learning to serve correctly starts our journey of purpose, fulfilled dreams and visions. Through this book the writer shows you God’s order for reaching divine destinations through serving in the local and universal church. The ministry of helps can only be structured and manifested in a church that believes in Christian Education.

This series is guaranteed to uncover and bring focus to the ministry function of Helps because its qualities will help you to become the real you!




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