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Ministry of Helps / Ministry of Helps


Why not the Ministry of Helps? We have tried so many things and none of them had lasting significance. First, God set helps in the church for an important reason just as He did all gifts. When God wants to give His Church specific guidance and direction, He will give the Pastor a vision for the church.  He has given your pastor a vision for your church, and he is responsible for bringing that vision to pass. However, he will need help. God has placed you there to be a Minister of Helps by assisting the church and pastor to reach their vision, while you will be rewarded and honored by God for your service. The Ministry of Helps will change your life once you really understand what God says about service render unto Him.



The time has come for your talents, skills, achievements, and abilities to be used for God and in His kingdom. If you want to touch God, place your hands in what He is doing. You must let your pastor and/or church leader know you want to enroll in the Ministry of Helps or to serve. Let them know you want to serve with an understanding. This is where we step in to help the church. Many churches are lacking this important ministry gift and it’s anointing because they simply do not understand it. The Ministry gift of Helps is nothing new; God gave it to the church (1 Corinthians 12:28) for a reason, and we are equipped to provide understanding through demonstration.


Questions To Determine Readiness

Are you willing to serve as unto the Lord and not unto man?

Are you ready to be faithful in your church and to the Pastor’s vision(s)?

Are you ready to submit yourselves to those who are in authority? (Your Pastor and his leaders)

Are you ready to receive the vision and spirit of your Pastor, which is God working through the Pastor?

Are you ready to serve in excellence?


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